Buffalo Rising – english presentation

The film

For lovers of the great American western cinema genre…

Cowboys says « Life is too short to ride bad horses »… In the movie history, the western genre takes on a unique place. The story is simple, clear as spring water, but it always takes you away. Landspaces are wide open, photography is awsome and horses may gallop forvever without boring us. There is always the good guys, the bad ones and all shall come to an end. This film is a story, a simple one, between a father and a son. A story of values, of relationship of two individuals growing up facing adversity in the wild open range of the western times. This film is a tribute to the  west and all those great movies who forged the legend of the great american cinema through generations of audience.

Above all, it is our love letter to you.

Original story by Laurent Bertin & Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian, Dialogs in english

Production by l’Autredimension, Laurent Bertin, Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian & Pixel Commando

Short film – western – HD – 4K – Format 2.35 – duration 14’50mn  – 2014


The story :

1890, in the great open range of South Dakota plains, Tom and his young son Jack are on their way with cattle for sale. For Tom, this herd is his last chance to get money and offer themselves a fresh start in California. On their way, they cross path with Buffalos, last remains of a savage land now conquered and squared by land owners and big ranchers. Tom and Jack set camp on the open land…


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The crew of Buffalo Rising

Director: Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian

Photography: Christophe Persoz

Steadycam Operator: Olivier Merckx

Script – 1st assistant : Ingrid Rajaomanna

Assistant camera: Maxime Raymond

Sound – Ingénieur Son: Clément Lachevre

Perchman: Olivier Thoral

Make-up / costumerie: Marina Ricca

Visual effects and FX: Pixel Commando – Brice Bellier

Color grading: Lumières Numériques (Lyon)

Sound design and Mix: Studio MIROSLAV PILON & PILON Cinéma

Musique originale: Olivier Militon

Tom: Laurent Bertin

Jack: Aurèle Bertin

Cowboy 1: Robin Gygax

Cowboy 2: Théo Balembois

Mose, the german: Raphael Joannis

Logistique & Catering site de tournage: Randals Bison

Photos de tournage – On set pictures